We wanted to know what is so difficult about manufacturing items "Made in the USA" so we took it upon ourselves to use a popular prototyping platform and ecosystem as a test. We learned many lessons along the way about why "Made in the USA" is difficult but the great news is that we succeeded at bringing you this product at a price point very similar to that of the original. 

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This is the our new USAduino board. Italian design meets "Made in The USA". It is essentially an Uno R3 clone but manufactured right here in the USA. Show your support for bringing back manufacturing to the USA. Please note that in effort to comply with the Arduino ® and LUFA licensing terms we had to use a different USB VID/PID pair. What does this mean for you? Well it simply means that you must download our specific windows driver INF files and board configuration files. This adds a few extra simple steps to get up and running.  

Videos and tutorials coming soon....

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